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Surviving and Thriving: The CARES Act

Each week, we will be connecting with an expert on various topics related to crisis, business, and management. Recently, we hosted a one-hour interview with Crystal Reynolds, CPA, of Pinnacle Consulting about the newest developments of The CARES Act and how to think strategically about the PPP Loan options. 


Surviving to Thriving: Cash Flow & Finances

Cash is king and right now, we need to be intentional about how we look at our cash flow. In addition to our interview about The CARES Act, we met with CPA and co-owner of Sanford, Lea, and Associates, James Lea, CPA, about Cash, P&L Review, and what questions we need to be asking our bankers, accountants, and other trusted advisors. (20 minutes)



Culture & Communication

Engagement Specialist, Bethany Taff, shared some best practices and ideas for engaging your (virtual) team. We encourage you to check it out.

[ARTICLE] Tips for (Virtual) Team Engagement

Culture & Communication

Working Remote

Remote working has become more and more feasible due to technologies and communication tools, but sudden, wide spread remote working can have a negative impact on your culture and employees. Matt Griswold and Don Harkey discuss best practices for facilitating and sitting in virtual meetings.

 Additional resources for working from home:

Engaging Employees Through the Unexpected

Leading through times of uncertainty can result in low production, lack of motivation, and low morale. The following are some helpful articles to guide you through these changes:

Leverage Your Culture

[VIDEO] - Levearage Your Culture | Watch a 45-minute webinar recently hosted by Engagement Specialist, Matt Griswold, to explain how teams can apply our People Centric Cultural Framework to the here and now and into the future. 

Mental Health & Coping

During a time of crisis or unexpected change, it can take a toll on our mental health. It's important for managers to check in on their employees, co-workers to check on co-workers, and for each of us to understanding where our frustrations, anger, confusion, and sadness come from. Below is a resource about grief from Good Dads Executive Director, Dr. Jennifer Baker, PsyD MFT.

[RESOURCE] How to Keep Your Cool During COVID19


Cash Flow & Finances

Financial Information

There are major decisions to be made as a business owner during this time. We want to keep you up to date and provide key information that will promote effective financial decisions. The government is offering immediate tax credits for businesses with < 500 employees to compensate for paid leave for employees who are sick or caring for sick relatives.

There is relief coming for business leaders and owners and are ways to see if you qualify and can meet the requirements for the $2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill. This loan is designed to help cover 2 months of payroll, rent, utilities, benefits, and interest payments.  The loan terms are reasonable, but the real kicker is that this loan is forgivable if you meet certain criteria.  The SBA and Treasury Department are issuing guidelines to banks that include the details and these details and interpretations seem to be changing regularly.  We received the following on 3/31/2020 from OakStar Bank.  
NOTE: People Centric is NOT qualified to give legal or financial advice, so confirm all of this information with a professional.  We are only trying to make you aware that help might be available and you should be talking with your accountant and banker.  

Contingency Planning

Contingency planning helps organizations identify business-critical operations, potential threats to critical resources, and responses to different scenarios. Contingency planning allows businesses to review the impact of an unexpected (and often unwanted) event and develop predictable, quantifiable solutions to those situations. This contingency planning guide is designed to not only help an owner plan for impacts to the organization, but also allow for the owner to utilize and engage the team to develop the plan, create buy-in on the plan, and implement the plan. 

Community Response

As we talk to business owners who are concerned about the virus, we know many are wrestling with big decisions right now.  We encourage you to check with your local chamber of commerce before making big decisions as new resources are being made available on a daily basis and ways you can support local businesses through the crises.  Here are a couple of examples from our town of Springfield and the rest of our state of Missouri.

Additional Articles:

"This is an opportunity to bring businesses together....it is how we respond that will define our organizations."


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